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NMAM-L is a semi-moderated list open to members of the New Mexico Association of Museums and those with an interest in supporting New Mexico's cultural institutions. The purpose of this list is to provide a method for easy communication among museum professional throughout New Mexico and the Southwest.

1. How to subscribe:

Send a blank message to NMAM-L-subscribe-request@unm.edu

or click on the following web URL: http://list.unm.edu/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=NMAM-L&A=1

To have access to the NMAM-L, you must be a member of the New Mexico Association of Museums or one of its member institutions or businesses.

2. How to unsubscribe:

Send a blank message to:

3. Content, List Policies, etc.:

This list should be used only for communication that have to do with running and operating museums in the state of New Mexico. Topics that might be of general interest to the New Mexico museum community may also be included. Other items of interest include notices about job openings, meetings, conferences, workshops, and grants that might be relevant to the NMAM community. This latter category is treated in a special way - see below. Informal postings about products and services of interest to the NMAM community are welcome. Topics that are not appropriate for this listserv are those that are purely private in nature and those that are commercial, blatant advertising, or solicitations of employment are not welcome.

NEVER send announcements about computer viruses. Computer viruses have nothing to do with the purpose or spirit of NMAM-L.

All contributions to NMAM-L, barring an explicit statement to the contrary, are presumed to represent the opinions of the author and in no way imply the endorsement of any institution for whom the author happens to work. For this reason, "Disclaimer" signatures are not allowed in NMAM-L postings. (If your institution requires such disclaimers, please show your counsel this policy statement.)

4. How to post messages to NMAM-L:

To post a message to NMAM-L, simply e-mail to:

As long as the list goes well, messages will not be reviewed in advance. If participants do not comply with the rules of the list, then the list will be changed to a fully moderated list. In the current configuration, all reply messages have to be approved by the list-owner.

5. Style for messages:

a. ONE subject per message. You can send as many messages as you like, but it is best for clarity if you restrict each message to ONE subject.

b. Please put a meaningful title in the subject line. For example: "Re: Posting to NMAM-L" is *not* a meaningful subject, but something like "New Director at XYZ Museum" is a meaningful subject.

c. If you are replying to a previous posting, please do NOT quote the entire previous posting in your reply. It IS appropriate to quote a fragment of the item to which you are replying, as a reminder to the list readers of the original posting.

d. Send your messages in plain USASCII text only via ordinary e-mail. Please do NOT send fild enclosures, attachments, word-processed files, etc. HTML mail or other encoded text is also unacceptable. This requirement is to make NMAM-L accessible to as many people as possible. Plain USASCII text assures you that your colleagues will receive your postings regardless of the mail platform they use.

e. Please make sure that your messages are in complete sentences and that you have checked your spelling and grammar.

f. Expand ALL acronyms, at least once in your message (NMAM is the ONLY exception to this rule). This includes the name of your institution, city, and any other words that might be obvious to you but not to your readers.

g. Please remove fancy signatures and any disclaimers like, "The ideas expressed here are not those of my employer." It is appropriate (and desirable) to have your contact information, just skip the quotations and other extra items in your sign-off.

6. Postings on behalf of other people:

As a rule this list is only open to registered members of NMAM. If you wish to post something on behalf of someone who is not a registered member of NMAM-L, you may do so only if that person is not able to register themselves. If you post such a message you need to follow these rules:

a. Clearly indicate that you are posting for someone "off-list" by inserting text such as: "The following is posted on behalf of Maria Jones, Curator, mjones@xyz.com."

b. Do NOT instruct people to respond directly to Maria Jones. When you post for someone else, you are responsible for ensuring that that person receives any information posted to NMAM-L.

7. Job postings and announcements for workshops, internships, meetings, etc.:

a. Only job postings that are directly related to positions in the NMAM community are acceptable. While job postings in other states may be of interest to individual members of NMAM, they are not acceptable for this listserv. If we listed all available jobs, we would be swamped.

b. Please keep your postings as brief as possible, preferably under 50 lines. Do not include job application forms or lengthy listings of government regulations pertaining to a job. DO include information (especially URLs) indicating where such applications and other information can be found. Please remove any information that might be taken as advertising.

c. Repeat postings are not accepted, unless there has been a significant change or error in the original information. If something like this occurs, a brief posting (ten lines) referencing the original will be sent to the list.

d. Your text is subject to editing for length, style, content, and you will be notified of changes prior to posting.

e. You do not have to be a member of NMAM-L to post job announcements, but you must follow the procedures set out in this document.

f. All NMAM-L postings, including job announcements, will be made available online for the indefinite future, in the NMAM-L archives. Postings will NOT be removed.

g. There is no charge for posting to NMAM-L.

If there is anything to make your time on NMAM-L more productive or fun, feel free to contact the following:

Stephen Lockwood, Listserv Manager
UNM Art Museum
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM
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