New Mexico Association of Museums

RE-ORG: Step-by-step Storage Reorganization for Small Museums Webinar

  • 05 Aug 2015
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

As museum collections continue to grow, adequate storage space is become a rare commodity. A recent international survey indicated that roughly 2/3 of collections in storage were at serious risk. With poor storage conditions, it is challenging for museums to use collection for enjoyment, research, or education; moreover, effective emergency response may be compromised. RE-ORG, developed by ICCROM and UNESCO, is a step-by-step methodology to assist small museums in reorgainzing their storage areas for better access and conservation. The focus of RE-ORG is on making improvements to existing storage areas, and not on planning and building new facilities. This webinar is an introduction to the RE-ORG methodology and various tools (both current and upcoming), and to the Canadian Conservation Institute's RE-ORG: Canada training program.


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